Podcast – All About Press Kits

All About Press Kits

Hey everyone! We’re back with our second podcast! In this podcast, we’re talking about entertainer press kits and why they are such an integral part of our website! Make sure to leave any questions or comments below!


Podcast – Welcome to Talent Provider Network

Podcast #01 Welcome to Talent Provider Network

Hello everyone! We are very pleased to announce our very first podcast here at Talent Provider Network. I got the chance to sit down with the creator of Talent Provider Network and pick his brain for a bit to get some questions answered!

New podcasts will always be embedded in a new blog post here but in the next few days, we will be setting our podcasts up through iTunes, as well as a couple of other sites.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that so you can catch our next podcast, too!

Our next podcast will be posted on July 15th! Join us as we talked about building your press kit, how to attract talent buyers, and the approval process! See you then!