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Gigs, Gigs, & More Gigs!


Talent Provider Network is a brand new website that helps entertainers get additional gigs around their existing gig schedule.  Depending on the entertainer’s membership package, they can choose from a 50 to 300 mile radius of exposure to talent buyers from a gig they already have scheduled.

For example: You are an entertainer and you have a gig set up for Wednesday in a city that is outside of your home base. A talent buyer within a 300 mile radius of where your gig is located is looking for an act for their event on Thursday. You would show up in their search as a traveling entertainer and if they like your press kit, then they can book you directly through our website. That way, you get an additional gig without having to travel much further. This booking ability would allow you to gig your way across the country instead of just performing once and then going home. You could be making money on the way to and on the way back from your gig. This can help you fill out dates of a tour, as well. This also works for a smaller radius, it just depends on how big of a radius you’ve chosen to allow.

We created the press kit with talent buyers in mind. Knowing that they require a fair bit of information about your act before they can make an informed decision if they want to book you, we require you to fill out your press kit completely with high quality media and information. Inside your press kit are all the normal things you would expect from a electronic press kit but what also sets us apart from other gig booking websites is the pricing structure that we require from you when you register with Talent Provider Network.

We require you to be very specific about the fee that you want to charge for a particular venue type and there is only a $750 difference between the low price and the high price. This is to give the talent buyer a realistic idea of your price without extreme variations, price gouging, and underwhelming offers.

Our Deals Near You feature, gives you the ability to offer potential talent buyers that are in close proximity of your existing gig up to 50% of your low rate just to entice that buyer into booking you instead of someone else.

Our website gives the power back to you as an entertainer by having you upload your schedule into the system and by asking you very specific questions about the gigs you already have and about what you would be willing to accept as another gig in that area. Our system could possibly get you 2 or 3 gigs on the same day if routed correctly.

Because there are so many unique elements to the system we ask potential members to take the time to thoroughly look at our website and understand how it can benefit them in getting more gigs and making more money. And because we know that an entertainer’s time is valuable, for a limited time we are offering a $25 gift card and a free membership to those who take the time to get their press kit completed and published.

Please visit www.TalentProvider.com and see what we have to offer you as an entertainer! What have you got to lose? Sign up today and get rewarded!


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Podcast – All About Press Kits

All About Press Kits

Hey everyone! We’re back with our second podcast! In this podcast, we’re talking about entertainer press kits and why they are such an integral part of our website! Make sure to leave any questions or comments below!


Podcast – Welcome to Talent Provider Network

Podcast #01 Welcome to Talent Provider Network

Hello everyone! We are very pleased to announce our very first podcast here at Talent Provider Network. I got the chance to sit down with the creator of Talent Provider Network and pick his brain for a bit to get some questions answered!

New podcasts will always be embedded in a new blog post here but in the next few days, we will be setting our podcasts up through iTunes, as well as a couple of other sites.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that so you can catch our next podcast, too!

Our next podcast will be posted on July 15th! Join us as we talked about building your press kit, how to attract talent buyers, and the approval process! See you then!


Introduction to Press Kits

Introduction to Presskits



The best way to get a to get a talent buyer or agent to take notice of you as an entertainer is through your press kit here in Talent Provider Network. Your press kit allows you to showcase your talents so that a buyer or agent can make an informed decision about possibly hiring you for a gig.

Your press kit is divided up into different sections (photos, videos, audio, etc). In each of these sections you can upload samples of your act, you work, and reviews from media sources such as newspapers or magazines.

Think of your press kit as your Entertainer Resume & Portfolio. When you apply for a job, you present a resume with your previous experience along with references and things of that nature. Your press kit is just like that. Your press kit is your chance to make an amazing first impression on a talent buyer or agent. This is why each press kit goes through an approval process. We want to make sure that you are putting your best possible foot forward because in the end your success is our success!

Stay tuned for our “Press Kit Q&A” podcast with creator Mark Armstrong! We’ll be going over every nook and cranny of the entertainer press kit and how to make it more appealing to talent buyers and agents!


Welcome to Talent Provider Network

Welcome to Talent Provider Network


Hello! Welcome to Talent Provider Network! We are so happy that you’ve decided to join us on this amazing adventure! Let’s start by giving you a little background and information about TPN’s creator and the company itself.

Talent Provider Network was created by entertainers for entertainers. Talent Provider was the brainchild of one entertainer in particular: Mark Armstrong. Mark has performed as a Hypnotist Magician for over 20 years. He knows the ins and the outs of the entertainment industry and he knows the stress and frustration that goes right along with it. He has enjoyed performing in various venues over the years but the drawn out booking processes, travel, and sleepless nights caused by said travel planted the seed for Talent Provider.

Mark came up with an idea that could truly help entertainers be more at ease with the booking and travel process, not to mention it would get them more bookings. Mark created a website that would allow entertainers to share their media, information, and also, their show schedules in hopes of attracting talent buyers (this could be club owners, bar managers, entertainment coordinators for cruise ships, etc). The entertainer is also able to offer last minute deals to talent buyers that are aiming to book the entertainer in close proximity to the entertainer’s pre-existing gig venue. The talent buyer is enabled to search for entertainers that are near their location and that are available at the time of their event. The talent buyer will know if the entertainer is available because of Talent Provider Network’s patent-pending search engine algorithm.

Talent Provider’s search engine searches within a 300 mile radius to find entertainers that are either traveling in that area or that are local to that area. It also checks each entertainer’s show schedule to make sure they are available at the times and dates a talent buyer is searching for and that double-booking does not occur.

The biggest benefit of our website is the costs that are saved on travel and lodging expenses. If there is a talent buyer looking for entertainment, our site is able to locate entertainment that is already in close proximity to them. If the entertainer is already close to the talent buyer’s venue, there is not as much cost incurred as if they were traveling halfway across the country. We save the talent buyer’s money and the entertainer’s time.

The entire booking and payment process is automated through our website so there is less for the talent buyer and entertainer to worry about it. We do all the heavy work which means less stress for them. The Talent Provider Team’s passion is to help both entertainers and talent buyers alike get through the booking, payment, and gig process with as little frustration and worry as possible and to make sure that all parties are happy from start to finish.

Talent Provider Network started as a single idea back in January of 2012. Now, two and a half years later, we are finally cutting the ribbon. It’s been one wild ride thus far and really… it’s only just begun.

We are all so elated to be a part of this journey. I would personally like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to Talent Provider Network and say that I look forward to working with you!