I have seen far too many videos on the market of professional entertainers that do not have the quality needed to appropriately sell their services to buyers. With all the online tools available today, and the simple video editors that are available to produce a high quality video for next to nothing, it is un-excusable. A great video should include testimonials from clients that have seen your show, and notable places you have performed. In addition, having excellent clips or full-length video of your act or performance is essential.

The video should be of the highest quality and be no more than 4-5 minutes long. If you are a comedian, magician or hypnotist (like myself) having up-tempo music during your intro and outro helps to reel in the online audience. The video should have an appealing introduction, as well a captivating middle and end. Whether you are creating the video yourself, or hire someone else to do so, it is helpful to write down or relay your “storyboard” idea of the video. This promotional piece is selling you and your act, and you should big a big part of the process.

master.phoneconcertI have seen many promotional videos filmed with phones or tablets. The last thing I want to watch is the back of people’s heads or shaky and grainy video footage with terrible sound quality. So my question to you is, if you were a talent buyer how would you like to see an act sell themselves to you?

Great images can tell an awesome story of your act! Always use images in your digital press kit that are of the highest quality and relay the message of what you do. Some of the images I see on the internet of entertainers are pixelated and of poor taste. You might have a great show, but the images DO NOT relay that message to me. They relay that you are cheap,  an amateur, and that you do not take yourself seriously.

Include a technical rider. A technical rider will let the talent buyer know what you will or will not be providing to make your show happen. For example, will you be bringing a PA system, microphones, lighting or props? If not, do they need to supply these for you?

Generally speaking, let the talent buyer know as much about your show as possible. How long is your show? How do you differ from your competitors? Do you specialize in entertaining particular groups of people?

VHS video tape casseteHaving an electronic press kit (or EPK) is easier to create today than in the “olden days”. Not in the too distant past we had to print everything out and send out DVDs or VHS tapes in a nice folder or binder. Your press kit would cost much, much more then. Fueled by printing and duplication costs, materials and on top of all that, postage!

From a professional performer that has been in the business for over 20 years and traveled the world doing what I love, I would say there is no excuse in not creating the best informative digital press kit possible to help sell your act or show. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a little bit of investment of time and/or money to come up with something appealing. It’s important to understand the business you live and breathe. Sell, sell, and sell what you do! After all, this is your bread and butter!

….. and the 90’s are over.