When first starting out as a musician, what’s the first big dream most people think of? I know for me, it was dreaming about going on tour. That’s the goal, right? Travel across the country and play your music in front of people that just happen to show up. However, it’s not that easy, as many of us have figured out, but there are ways we can make it easier.

Cheers My FriendsWhen booking a headlining tour, the first thing to consider is a fan base. This fan base doesn’t have to be a massive amount of people who you’ve never met before. A fan base is anyone that comes to a show, and decides to see you play at the next show. You have friends, right? Your friends want to support you. They show up, pay for a ticket, and think, “Hey, my friend is pretty good. I think I’d like to see them again.” Boom. Fan base.

In most major cities, there are low capacity venues – 250 and under. Most venues in this range would be content with a 50 person turn out on a week night and some weekends. Guarantee 50, and you should have the date. However, that’s just half the work. Once you’ve got the dates booked, you have to hold your end of the bargain—getting that 50 to the show. So how do you get those people there? Like mentioned before, start with friends and family. They want to support you. However, don’t just rely on Facebook and Twitter to get your show invite out there. Only sending out a Facebook event invite will not get that 50 to your show.

group of teenagers volunteeringNext, go to local places to reach out to people. Who does your music appeal to? For me, high school and college kids tend to like my music. Reaching out to a fraternity or sorority to team up at the show works well for me. They get to set up a table at the show telling about their philanthropy. The people that come for me get to see their good cause, and the friends of the fraternity/sorority get to hear my music for the first time. It’s a win/win situation.


Lastly, secure great local support. A lot of times, venues will have a recommendation of good acts in the area. If not, see who’s playing in local clubs in that area. Look on Facebook and see if they’re music is a good fit. After that, get to know the band and become friends. If not only to make a connection as friends, the connections you make in the music community are priceless. The comradery that happens is something not to be taken for granted.

As a suggestion, don’t look into a headlining tour if you’re not successful in your home market first. Start local, build regionally, and then out nationally.
Good luck on booking your tour! Comment below to let us know how it goes.

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Ty Mayfield

With a style best conveyed as “totally feel-good pop”, music from Dallas-based artist, Ty Mayfield, is not only infectious, but also engaging—instantly memorable after one listen. Pairing these tunes with a dynamic performance causing crowds to be wowed by his sets, Ty is a performer on the brink of success. With his sophomore album released in October 2013 reaching #13 on iTunes' Singer/Songwriter Chart, Ty’s music has matured into his best material to date.

Ty has gained radio play on SiriusXM and shared the stage with artists such as Andy Grammer, Parachute, Dave Barnes, Tyler Ward, Jason Castro, and Tyrone Wells. Ty has also been featured in stores such as Hollister and Forever 21, and on websites like Windows Media Guide and OurStage.

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