Familia en el campoWhere to begin? This is obviously a struggle for anyone with any sort of career, but the fine balance of spouse & children and your continuing career as a professional entertainer is especially taxing.

First things first, having a supportive spouse is key. If you are single, having a solid support system is a must. If you don’t have either of these already, you are certain to be teetering on the edge of insanity, guilt and ready to fall off your lifelong dream bandwagon.

The fact of the matter is, you do not live in that 9-5 time frame that the rest of the world follows. Your job starts at 5pm— the actual “getting ready to be on stage” part. But not until you are sure the kids are taken care of and fed, the sitter arrives on time or the spouse is home from work. Followed by show prepping, getting dressed, looking the part and traveling to your destination. Well into the night you are doing your craft and at 2am you get into your car to go home, to wind down and to lay your head on your pillow at 3 or 3:30am only to be abruptly awoken by an alarm at 6am to get the kids out the door for school.restless sleeping woman

This may not be your every night, but we’ve all had these. Of course your body is achy, your head is thumping and you feel like you are living in the Twilight Zone. Only problem is, you can’t get back to sleep, you have got to finish up some business to secure yourself another payday. That’s right, your job is a 24/7 one. Tired or not, the show must go on and the paperwork needs to be done.

The whole fact that you have continued with this career with a family is a testament to the love of your craft and the dedication to your dreams. We all tend to be the over achieving types, the go-getters of the world, and the anti-corporate nine to fivers… and that’s okay. Many have told you to grow up and get a real job.You’ve made it this far with your middle finger in the air and your pride in tact, but it’s not easy, it’s really not easy. Did I even mention traveling yet? This is a whole beast in itself… how are you going to make those travel dates work?

Singing Woman. Beauty Woman with Microphoneyoung stylish blonde  hipster manOur internal clocks are out of sync, we are in a constant state of learning, doing and promoting. Females especially, are fighting the effects of time, trying to keep up appearances, because let’s face it, a women’s shelf life is not as long as a man in this business and it is a horrifying prospect. A male can get away with a slight beer belly on stage, oh yea, but not us females, oh no. We are also expected to stay young and beautiful, with long flowing locks and a thin frame, and it’s enough to make you a little harsh and critical on yourself. But you know what? You love what you do, so you continue to chug along.

I certainly don’t want to make this article about my own situation, but I’m a prime example of someone trying to balance this lifestyle. First off, I’m a wife, and a Mom to a son with a physical disability. I’ve been a professional singer and performer for the past 16 years; it’s in my blood, and has been long before I had a family. My husband is in the restaurant business and has a lot of responsibility and works very long hours. In my case, I can’t depend on him to be home at a certain time; in many cases we work the same evening hours! I have to be on my toes as the homemaker, 100% responsible for who cares from my son and when, (thank you to my lovely babysitters!) To top it all off I live in Chicago and my extended family lives outside of Baltimore. I’m in a constant state of prepping and scheduling. I must plan out my work schedule sometimes weeks in advance to make sure I’m being a responsible parent, wife and professional. I’m that Mom on the playground in yoga pants and sunglasses on the bench…. no I’m not a shady, drunk Mom. I’m just f*&6$ing exhausted! Per the example below……. this is my typical Saturday morning.

Nothin' wrong with sleeping right on top of your Mom… Like a turtle.

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I’m not sure there is a single right answer about how to balance a family life and an entertainment career. This is where I open the discussion floor to you to let everyone know what works for YOU personally. Perhaps by teaming up and providing advice, support and suggestions, we can all learn to simplify things a little bit more for ourselves…

The floor is open… How do YOU balance family life and a career in the entertainment business?

Katie Robinette

Business Development & Mulitmedia Design at Talent Provider Network
She has been called "ubiquitous" and there could be no better word. Katie Robinette enjoys all aspects of the music business and likes to keep active in as many avenues as possible. This includes actively singing Jazz, Blues, & Mo-town to 80s Pop/Rock and Dance covers and actively works behind the scenes in the industry with the Talent Provider Network.

During the boy band era she sang and danced her way in front of Universal and Virgin Record Execs and performed in front of thousands for the famed Showtime at The Apollo.

Meanwhile, Katie discovered another love; the love of writing music. Katie attended the famed Musician Institute in Hollywood, California for Commercial Recording and finished out her college years at York College of Pennsylvania with her Bachelors in Music Industry & Recording Technology all while improving her vocal chops with diverse and innovative training in the Classical, Jazz Blues & Pop arenas.

Katie has been a member of outstanding corporate bands and entertainment entities from Philly to LA and Dallas to Chicago.

She is currently working on writing, recording & producing her first full-length solo album.