Introduction to Presskits



The best way to get a to get a talent buyer or agent to take notice of you as an entertainer is through your press kit here in Talent Provider Network. Your press kit allows you to showcase your talents so that a buyer or agent can make an informed decision about possibly hiring you for a gig.

Your press kit is divided up into different sections (photos, videos, audio, etc). In each of these sections you can upload samples of your act, you work, and reviews from media sources such as newspapers or magazines.

Think of your press kit as your Entertainer Resume & Portfolio. When you apply for a job, you present a resume with your previous experience along with references and things of that nature. Your press kit is just like that. Your press kit is your chance to make an amazing first impression on a talent buyer or agent. This is why each press kit goes through an approval process. We want to make sure that you are putting your best possible foot forward because in the end your success is our success!

Stay tuned for our “Press Kit Q&A” podcast with creator Mark Armstrong! We’ll be going over every nook and cranny of the entertainer press kit and how to make it more appealing to talent buyers and agents!


Jessica Maness

Jessica has been involved in various media and social media types and platforms for almost 8 years. Earlier on in her career, she helped build up smaller businesses by using social media marketing as a finely honed skill. Jessica joined Talent Provider to ensure that we reach our audience through every possible avenue which in turn means more gigs and earning possibilities for our entertainers. She strives to keep our company's network strong and growing.

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