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Gigs, Gigs, & More Gigs!


Talent Provider Network is a brand new website that helps entertainers get additional gigs around their existing gig schedule.  Depending on the entertainer’s membership package, they can choose from a 50 to 300 mile radius of exposure to talent buyers from a gig they already have scheduled.

For example: You are an entertainer and you have a gig set up for Wednesday in a city that is outside of your home base. A talent buyer within a 300 mile radius of where your gig is located is looking for an act for their event on Thursday. You would show up in their search as a traveling entertainer and if they like your press kit, then they can book you directly through our website. That way, you get an additional gig without having to travel much further. This booking ability would allow you to gig your way across the country instead of just performing once and then going home. You could be making money on the way to and on the way back from your gig. This can help you fill out dates of a tour, as well. This also works for a smaller radius, it just depends on how big of a radius you’ve chosen to allow.

We created the press kit with talent buyers in mind. Knowing that they require a fair bit of information about your act before they can make an informed decision if they want to book you, we require you to fill out your press kit completely with high quality media and information. Inside your press kit are all the normal things you would expect from a electronic press kit but what also sets us apart from other gig booking websites is the pricing structure that we require from you when you register with Talent Provider Network.

We require you to be very specific about the fee that you want to charge for a particular venue type and there is only a $750 difference between the low price and the high price. This is to give the talent buyer a realistic idea of your price without extreme variations, price gouging, and underwhelming offers.

Our Deals Near You feature, gives you the ability to offer potential talent buyers that are in close proximity of your existing gig up to 50% of your low rate just to entice that buyer into booking you instead of someone else.

Our website gives the power back to you as an entertainer by having you upload your schedule into the system and by asking you very specific questions about the gigs you already have and about what you would be willing to accept as another gig in that area. Our system could possibly get you 2 or 3 gigs on the same day if routed correctly.

Because there are so many unique elements to the system we ask potential members to take the time to thoroughly look at our website and understand how it can benefit them in getting more gigs and making more money. And because we know that an entertainer’s time is valuable, for a limited time we are offering a $25 gift card and a free membership to those who take the time to get their press kit completed and published.

Please visit and see what we have to offer you as an entertainer! What have you got to lose? Sign up today and get rewarded!


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Podcast – All About Press Kits

All About Press Kits

Hey everyone! We’re back with our second podcast! In this podcast, we’re talking about entertainer press kits and why they are such an integral part of our website! Make sure to leave any questions or comments below!


A “Golden Ears” Perspective – What Your Sound Engineer REALLY Thinks…

Sound Engineer


Okay, okay, before I even start, this article pertains to the real sound heroes of the world. We are not talking about amateurs, or the ones who “think” they’re professional sound guys or gals because they can throw up a couple of subs, sticks and tops and get a band ready to rock. This also does not pertain to the guys (or gals) who run the church band on Sunday mornings as a hobby. We are talking about the “golden ears” of the industry, those responsible for taking that terrible room or that piercing vocal and making it sound like butter. I’m talking about the engineers that are sought out by so many artists for their incredible sense of sound. To make this extra clear, this interview also pertains to the artists who make use of professional sound services on a regular basis and or those who don’t make regular use of their own front of house engineer.

Many of us on the stage have had varied experiences with sound companies or the people running the rig. Some experiences leave you basking in the glory of “ooh’s and ahh’s” because it was pure unadulterated sweetness. Others have left you praying someone would just get it over with already and knock you out with a beer bottle. When festival season rolls around we all hope and pray that when we arrive to plug in and do our “thing”, that the folks REALLY running the show REALLY care about how you sound. Let’s face it, the sound guy (or gal) can make you or break you. If you’re simply a shitty band… well, you’re shitty and there is only so much someone can do about your bass player who can’t seem to play in the pocket, or the vocalist who is consistently flat. I have decided to ask a real “golden ear” about their career and some issues artists deal with consistently and how he would handle certain situations from his perspective. He’s requested to stay anonymous but has toured with artists like Blues Traveler & Nelly Furtado and has worked the corporate circuit for top CEO’s who entrust him for sound perfection. His experience has been broad and has proclaimed to have been in every type of sound “situation” you can think of. Here is what we discussed…

How long have you been a pro sound engineer? “20 years”

How long has it taken you to get to the point you a felt truly confident about what you do? “Immediately—I knew right away that I was good at what I did. I have never questioned myself.”

As a professional, what is the first thing you do when you walk into a venue? “Honestly? Find the food— or I log onto Yelp to find the nearest food joint. In all seriousness, I look at the gear—more importantly, I find the house tech. I will know how brutal my day will be right away. If this guy is an idiot, I’ll be doing everything myself and relieving him of his duties for the duration of the evening.”

Do you care about the performers on the stage and how they sound? “100%— Essentially what I am doing in a nutshell is making everything louder. However, if the source isn’t a home run then I can’t hit a grand slam.”

What about the sound is most important to you? “Vocalists love me. Getting a vocal to sound like a vocal is the most important. The audience doesn’t go home humming the kick drum.”

What is your favorite thing about your profession? “I love to mix.. I love sound… I’m very passionate about it. Whether mixing a band for 30 drunken wedding guests or whether I’m mixing Nelly Furtado as an opener for U2 in front of 100,000 people, I had an immediate passion for this.”

What is your least favorite thing about your profession? “Human beings are terrible. Travel and the human beings… both terrible.”

What is the most difficult thing about your profession? “Relationships— This profession has more to do with people and how they perceive you. It’s people based success and you become successful through the relationships you build—- I also got lucky early on. There are a lot of engineers I could mix under the table that are a lot more successful than me, it’s all in who you know.”

What do you find frustrating about working with artists? “Artists needs to feel heard— if they feel heard, then they feel like they are being taken care of and they have a better performance. Many artists try to tell me how they like things to be done… and I listen. When I get off stage though, I do what I want and make them sound great. Often times they bring personal matters onto the stage with them, and those things can majorly affect their performances. Sometimes they will take it out on me, but I don’t take it personally.”

How do you deal with a horrible sound guy as an artist? “Well, that’s a PROBLEM, If the sound guy is under qualified then too bad for you. They may listen to a request if you’re a pretty chick and you get out your…. I mean, bat your eyelashes at them.”

“There are two groups of engineers out there. One group thinks it’s about THEMSELVES and the other group thinks it’s about the PERFORMER. Even though I have a huge ego… it’s not about MY ego, it’s about the PERFORMERS ego and making them feel and sound good. That has been the key to my success. The sound engineer needs to ALWAYS be there for the artist, not the other way around.”

So there you have it folks, from a self-proclaimed egotistical, very honest, and successful sound engineer. Your sound engineer should always put you first and listen to your needs. Bottom line is that their job is to make you sound AWESOME! If you simply have no choice but to work with someone unqualified… well, better luck next time!

Member Referral Program

Refer a friend, get a $20 Visa gift card!

Getting rewarded is always a great feeling, right? That’s why we offer a member referral program within the Talent Provider Network! Once you’ve joined as a member of the network, you are given a personalized referral link that is located in your member dashboard. You can email this link to friends to invite them to check out Talent Provider Network for free. For each friend that signs up using your referral link, upon approval of their press kit, we will give you a $20 Visa gift card* as a reward!


*Account balance needs to reach $100 before any payments are made from our affiliate referral program.

Podcast – Welcome to Talent Provider Network

Podcast #01 Welcome to Talent Provider Network

Hello everyone! We are very pleased to announce our very first podcast here at Talent Provider Network. I got the chance to sit down with the creator of Talent Provider Network and pick his brain for a bit to get some questions answered!

New podcasts will always be embedded in a new blog post here but in the next few days, we will be setting our podcasts up through iTunes, as well as a couple of other sites.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that so you can catch our next podcast, too!

Our next podcast will be posted on July 15th! Join us as we talked about building your press kit, how to attract talent buyers, and the approval process! See you then!


Introduction to Press Kits

Introduction to Presskits



The best way to get a to get a talent buyer or agent to take notice of you as an entertainer is through your press kit here in Talent Provider Network. Your press kit allows you to showcase your talents so that a buyer or agent can make an informed decision about possibly hiring you for a gig.

Your press kit is divided up into different sections (photos, videos, audio, etc). In each of these sections you can upload samples of your act, you work, and reviews from media sources such as newspapers or magazines.

Think of your press kit as your Entertainer Resume & Portfolio. When you apply for a job, you present a resume with your previous experience along with references and things of that nature. Your press kit is just like that. Your press kit is your chance to make an amazing first impression on a talent buyer or agent. This is why each press kit goes through an approval process. We want to make sure that you are putting your best possible foot forward because in the end your success is our success!

Stay tuned for our “Press Kit Q&A” podcast with creator Mark Armstrong! We’ll be going over every nook and cranny of the entertainer press kit and how to make it more appealing to talent buyers and agents!